ZigWireless announces Enterprise services

ZigWireless is pleased to announce a new lineup of Enterprise grade services for our business accounts. We are now able to offer
-Dedicated Licensed and Unlicensed Wireless links
-Dedicated Fiber and Bandwidth solutions
-Business backup and secondary Internet solutions
-Off-site data storage
-Secondary core services

You can read more on our Enterprise Services page or simply contact ZigWireless

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Storm Season tips

With storm season upon us it is a perfect time to remind our customers on some tips to help your ZigWireless Internet service running smoothly.

If you can, unplug your equipment during any thunder/lightning storms. We have found most electrical surges come in from the meter side of the power service. They then travel through your electrical outlets until something stops them. If your ZigWireless radio is unplugged there is much less chance of this type of event hurting your radio.

Invest in a good quality surge protector and/or battery backup. This will lessen the chance of electrical surges if you are not home and a storm comes along. Battery Backups also help regulate power during brownouts, especially when energy demand is high.

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ZigWireless announces new service to Gaston Indiana

ZigWireless is excited to announce new high-speed broadband service to the following cities:

Gaston, Indiana
Stockport, Indiana
Janney, Indiana

ZigWireless offers monthly service starting at $24.95 and speeds as high as 5 Megs.  Contact us by calling 765.405.0088 or sales@zigwireless.com to schedule your free consultation. When you call ask about how to receive priority installation.


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Upcoming Indiana projects

ZigWireless has some projects in the works for the following Indiana counties:


If you are looking for fast and reliable broadband in any of the above counties we want to hear from you.   Ask us about Priority installation for upcoming areas.



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Zig Wireless announces Residential Plans

$24.95 1.5 meg down 384K up
$32.95 2 megs down 512k up
$39.95 3 megs down 768K up
$49.95 5 megs down 1 meg up

Customers can pay annually, to get an additional 10% discount, or nearly 2 months of free service.

Installation is $99.95 unless they are existing wireless customer then only $39.95

Insurance is $5 per month.  This covers any service calls outside of intentional damage to any ZigWireless equipment.

Modem fee is $5 per month and is only charged if any customer wants to waive the installation costs.

We bill once per month on anniversary day of install to Visa, Master, or Discover.

Phone number is 765-405-0088 8am to 6pm M-F,  8am – noon Saturdays.

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